You can meet ‘Tiger King’ at the Ace Hotel

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

“Tiger King” features carrie Baskin and professional cattery wrangler Ryan Sinclair in the cage with a large tiger that has escaped from his enclosure.

Get your tickets to meet Carole Baskin on 8 September at the 23:00hrs and the tickets are also on sale online.

Founded in 2001, Baskin’s philosophy centers on educating about animal companions and ultimately educating all about their inherent value. It’s a move that’s reflected in the gorgeous “Tiger King” production. Baskin says, “I like to approach animal relationships by teaching people about the tigers themselves and where they come from, and to show people that they (wild animals) aren’t just props for entertainment.”

For Baskin, every second with a tiger represents a second of educating — and that’s exactly what audiences can expect at the Ace Hotel.

What follows in the film is Baskin’s world-renowned treatment of both tigers and mahouts. Mahouts become accustomed to using tigers to entertain potential guests, and audiences are taken to see them doing just that as they work and eat with the almighty beast.

Throughout, Baskin pays close attention to the condition of the tiger, observing the stud’s emotions while ensuring that it is fed and treated to a stimulating environment.

There’s a beautifully filmed scene in “Tiger King” where the tigers are enjoying their ham-and-cheese rolls outside in a green outdoor area. But as Baskin points out in the piece, the tigers’ fear is raised when guests suddenly appear. Baskin says, “They’re really scared, because they don’t know what’s going to happen, and so they’re really anxious and always worrying.”

Baskin continues, “towards the end of ‘Tiger King,’ you can see them get a bit more calm, and you see the animals learn to trust people and bond with them again.”

For Baskin, Baskin’s mission is not to entertain, but rather to educate: “In my mind, part of the reason I’ve been successful is that I’ve been really boring. I just try to educate people by giving them a lot of information. Whenever a human fails to communicate with an animal and the animal can tell you and understand it, then you’re on the right track.”

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