Witness: K-9 Officer Testifies in Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial

A witness who allegedly saw Kyle Rittenhouse shoot and kill a man during a verbal argument testified Thursday that the victim was using profanity and acting “belligerently.”

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Tamika Lewis testified that she was driving through Concord, New Hampshire, with Rittenhouse’s friend, Zachary Beckett, on the night of January 29, when they got into a verbal dispute.

Lewis testified she approached Rittenhouse, saying she was surprised at what was happening. She said she identified herself to him, but Rittenhouse allegedly said “you do what you want.”

Lewis then told prosecutors she observed Rittenhouse pull out a handgun.

Lewis said Beckett and the victim, 28-year-old Charles Shriver, approached, and that she saw a shot hit Shriver, then Rittenhouse backed up from the shooting, and that Beckett was later heard saying “that just shot Charlie.”

A pathologist testifying for the defense suggested that the bullet found in Shriver’s head came from outside the car.

Lewis told the court that she had a “great relationship” with Beckett and was not worried about being in the way while Rittenhouse drove erratically through the neighborhood.

Shriver, a native of Manchester, was riding in a car with another man at the time of the shooting.

Rittenhouse, 28, is charged with first-degree murder in Shriver’s death. He has pleaded not guilty and has not admitted to the crime.

He is also accused of pointing a gun at his girlfriend, Cole Sasseville, as she exited a car shortly after shooting Shriver.

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