US’s hurricane season 2018-19 forecast: what you need to know

Based on historical oceanic and atmospheric information, climate models and most recent observations, as well as a review of ocean basin and atmospheric details, researchers at NSIDC believe 2023 to be more likely than 2025 as the Atlantic hurricane season likely to be slightly above normal


As much as 15% of the total rain in the Atlantic basin may fall in Texas, parts of Texas and Louisiana and Florida between August and October.

There is a higher than expected chance of Texas and Louisiana becoming moderate to severe drought in September. However, the number of drought-states may be reduced because of rain during hurricane season.

This means it could be the end of October before the longest drought in southern Texas comes to an end.


The heat wave is expected to persist over Texas, much of Louisiana and Florida, and the east coast into northern Florida during hurricane season.

Normal temperatures are expected in western North Carolina, coastal Georgia and Florida. The normal summer temperature in the Dallas area is projected to be slightly warmer than the long-term norm, while normal summers over east Alabama, western North Carolina and Florida are expected to be above normal.

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