U.S. company aims to bring broadband to remote parts of Brazil

President Michel Temer has inaugurated a joint university-industry partnership between Brazil and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The aim is to bring services that cater to rural Brazilians and rural Amazonians.

The companies have joined forces to develop the “super rocket” as part of the country’s support of an internationally led international projects called the Big Data Space Exploration Program. The SpaceX collaboration will focus on providing remote internet access to several regions in the Amazon.

A three-week trial of the flight program’s balloon-carrier airplane has been conducted in the Brazilian states of Bahia and Para, where it delivered data and telecommunication services to dozens of remote locations. The companies that make the balloon-carrier aircraft plan to continue working on the project in response to demand of the new partners.

SpaceX engineers have also been training Brazilians in their facilities in Palos Verdes, California, to cater to the needs of the Rio Grande do Sul and the Amazonas state. The two states are generally considered the most remote in Brazil.

“We are committed to bringing Virgin Hyperloop and NASA-developed technologies to Brazil,” said Erik Butters, the head of SpaceX’s Americas branch. “We have been in close consultation with all of the players involved in Hyperloop, including the Brazilian Air Force, the academia and government.”

Not only are SpaceX seeking to “bring Virgin Hyperloop to Brazil,” but the company’s chief executive, Mr. Musk, said in June that SpaceX has developed a prototype for a prototype. The Hyperloop passenger system promises to revolutionize transportation in high-speed networks.

Brazilians can look forward to Internet access in their country via balloons in the air, balloons which could cut travel times, as well as the potential to plan the building of much-needed electrical transmission lines.

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