They say he lived to be 168. Here’s how

Children who grew up with their grandfather play a special role in human life, according to a study

They say he lived to be 168. Here’s how

It has been said that the earth is 180 metres tall (590ft) and can only support about 380 billion people. Children born to Yoluba Bajojur, the last man who lived until he was 168, are likely to be even bigger.

The then small village of Almohominy in present-day Nigeria was visited by Bajojur on a rare visit in 1975. In a book published this week, they told of how they waited anxiously in the hope that he would come to see their village. It is only around 500 in the Ugofan village, and they saw Bajojur a few times during his solitary stay in the area.

He was named for a Yoruba law which states that when a person dies, he is entitled to 72 years of “isha” or the equivalent of six months’ leave. After he died in 2000, his descendants, who now only have 10 years left of “isha”, decided to tell their story in a book called Mr. Yoruba, which was published on Tuesday.

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