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By Ian Miller, Contributor for Travel + Leisure

No one faints easily, and neither does a papoose. Making the process of crawling down the ladders is nothing compared to what a vaccine takes to get to the keyhole.

It’s an even tougher task in weather like Los Angeles and Canada’s busiest city, Toronto, where the city has called in its heroes to help with its effort to vaccinate newborns against a killer flu bug. Toronto’s public health department has joined forces with Marvel’s “Black Panther” and its cuddly toy version, as well as the “Captain America” movie, to reach far beyond the Hollywood stars who made these characters so popular.

For a week in February, outreach workers covered a trio of timeslots:

1. As an “E! News” host wandered Toronto’s streets with balloons in hand.

2. As a “Jimmy Kimmel Live” vlogger jumped from taco truck to taco truck.

3. As a stunt comedian demanded to be told where he and his fellow trainers’ training sessions were taking place.

Surprisingly, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’s Dwayne Johnson doesn’t make the list, although the same stunt team did make it in time to assist with further training. It did get to the Charlie World facility in Kew Gardens, Ontario, though — an unlikely early focus for the CDC-inspired pandemic, since the park is too small to have a fence around the hospital.

Nearly 1,000 children have been vaccinated. All have gotten at least two doses.

The Toronto Sanitarian’s office wants to spread this flu shot blitz through Canada. Even though West Coast viewers may only get to see a shot from Johnson or Captain America, the city has set up more events.

To see how it happened, experience it first-hand at a three-hour event. Afterwards, you may never want to look at a bunny again.

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