Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer arrives with Tom Holland in Spider-Man disguise

The trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home has finally landed.

The film is the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which came out two years ago. Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker, which is made all the more difficult by his ability to fly. In his first trailer, it looks like the villain, Mysterio, will be much larger than ever before. However, the biggest news of all is Parker’s highly anticipated reunion with Tony Stark, who is played by Robert Downey Jr in the MCU.

“Oh, Captain America, you’re a hero of the people, but nobody knows how to use one,” Stark says to Parker in the trailer. The two are seen walking along New York’s streets and Stark is seen asking Parker what he’s doing.

In another scene from the trailer, Parker replies that he’s gone missing. “Where are you?” Stark asks. “Where am I?” Parker answers.

“So here you go, girl, whatever it takes,” Stark says, as the two walk off into the distance.

After they had an epic encounter at the end of Homecoming, fans have been waiting to see the Avengers allies on the big screen together again. “I had to finally follow what Tony had been doing and put myself in a position to travel with him,” Holland told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s so strange – like I wish that I could say that it was like they’ve never been apart, because they’ve obviously been through hell and back, but it’s really been this great adventure.”

After the events of Infinity War, Peter will spend the next two years in college. And, he will encounter a whole new team of people. “Being away from Tony has given Peter a really fresh perspective,” actor Zendaya told Entertainment Weekly. “He feels very lost and lonely when he’s away from home, and I think being out and about and having some interaction with different people will be very good for him.”

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In the trailer, Parker makes a short appearance at the end of one shot, but it appears unlikely to be a potential cameo.

Directed by Jon Watts, the sequel will shoot mainly in and around New York, with the movie scheduled for release on 29 July 2019. It will be the first Spider-Man to not debut with Marvel before the MCU launched.

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