Six short train journeys to short-distance cities in Asia

The world is getting smaller.

Carrying a passport is now a must. That means you can also plan a trip around an upcoming Asia-Pacific art fair or museum exhibition. Fortunately, you don’t have to fly across continents in order to sample your meal or take a culture-studded tour of Japan — you can do it all right here, with these six amazing trains making short or round-trip journeys that are off the beaten track. Some of them are for distances over 150 miles — others just 20 — and all will get you from point A to point B.

1. From Sri Lanka to Singapore

This RailAsia route takes the Leapfrog Express and run across Singapore’s southern tip to the sunny islands of Bali and Lombok, on the other side of the Indonesian archipelago. It’s easy to see why the Strait of Malacca has one of the world’s fastest train speeds: Singapore can be as much as 30-minutes faster than Manila to Guangzhou.

This return trip — which goes through the popular Singapore Southern Rail Corridor — takes less than two hours. Plan to stop for tea at the world’s longest container terminal in Singapore.

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