O’Keefe attempts to attack Brennan in lawsuit over FBI leaks

Coordinated and sophisticated FBI investigations expose the scheme to acquire the presidential election. O’Keefe and conservative activists hope the more targeted and focused tactics of lawsuit will reveal their illegal activity. .

O’Keefe presents a fictional testimony to the court-during which O’Keefe recalls the incident. Believing that he was presented as an attorney for ConAbacus, a group founded by the scheming O’Keefe, the jury accepts ConAbacus’ testimony with utmost confidence and then issues a default judgment in favor of ConAbacus.

“The video tells the story of the witness and his interaction with the O’Keefe defendants and it also provokes testimony from a number of other witnesses and Supreme Court Justices. All of the testimony in this video unfolds and all of the testimony is presented in a linear manner, presenting the events of the ‘Last Straw.’ But I’m very careful about telling a story that doesn’t have definitive resolution. “In this instance, we only documented a single fictional witness and we accomplished this on our own. We have no official evidence of any record, regarding the specific evidence of the specific ‘I came to play’ plot which hinges on our fictitious witness. “I’m very careful about being selective with my story. I submit the documentary to the Court in an effort to create an entry to the Judicial Record. If the Court chooses to include the video with their official Record, that’s one thing, and at the end of the day, I’ll accept that decision. “If the Court wants to pull the rug out from under us and include the entire video as part of their official Record, that’s entirely up to them. This Judicial Record is significantly based on other statements and the original versions submitted to the Court as exhibits.”

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