NYC New Year’s Eve: When, where, what to watch and where to see it online

Written by Terez Paylor, CNN London Written by Terez Paylor, CNN London

“Everything is cool here again!” read the signs in Times Square on Thursday, as revelers lined up for the first time since Hurricane Sandy tore through the Midtown area in 2012.

No longer a shadow of its former self, the so-called Crossroads of the World is set to welcome revellers and revelers around the world for what is expected to be the most crowded New Year’s Eve of all time.

High-heeled New Yorkers showed off their derriere while paying homage to its famous mannequins in the iconic glass pyramid’s atrium. (See more images below.)

But with the preshow anticipation growing, so too did concerns about avoiding any encounter with large trucks in the immediate vicinity.

CNN’s Richard Quest tests the vox pop for New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

The street was cordoned off to vehicles along 45th Street near Broadway, with only pedestrians allowed into the area ahead of the year’s first big party.

City officials were on hand to offer safety guidance, as well as taxis and State Department security personnel.

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New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill noted, “New York City has had a couple of hundred deaths in New Year’s Eve celebrations over the last few years. We don’t like that.”

“(We will) have lots of officers on deployment on foot and in the subway system, encouraging people to use mass transit and also in Times Square,” he said.

The NYPD has set up mobile command centers in Times Square and subway stations, and there will be more than 2,000 foot patrols on the street.

New York City’s in-chief, elected officials, and performers will continue through the evening, even before ball drops on Sunday.

NYPD deputy commissioner John Miller said, “We are prepared for whatever may happen.”

CNN’s Richard Quest and CNN’s Terez Paylor go off the grid for New Year’s Eve at Times Square


A list of the best places to watch the NYE celebrations in Times Square and around New York City.

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