Now you can repair your Apple iPhone using this tech

You can now try your hand at bringing your existing iPhone into the future.

In a blog post, Apple explained that it was developing a service that will let you break down iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR and fix those models. The company says it is still building a prototype version of the service, but it is already available to those who have iOS 11.4 or later.

The company said that before trying to fix your device, you must first check for an update. If you want to try to fix an iPhone, you’ll see an alert or you can tap the repair icon, which pops up on the bottom of the screen, next to your phone number.

“After a few minutes, the tool will walk you through the repair process for your device,” Apple wrote.

Once the job is complete, you will be asked to complete an installation of Apple’s Xcode developer platform, and you’ll need to have an Apple ID in order to use the service.

There are other ways to fix your iPhone. You can purchase a trade-in for your phone, or you can make an AppleCare+ program purchase to cover your device for two years. AppleCare+ is another program, which comes with replacement parts and repairs. You can also place a request for repairs on the Apple Care website.

Once you have turned on the “repair tool,” you’ll see whether the tool was successful in fixing your device, or if there is a problem with it. If there is a problem, you can contact Apple support if you decide to continue your repairs.

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