Natasha Finch on Her Life of Service and Justice

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Natasha Finch wants to spend her life fighting crime. As well as being a philanthropist. A woman who chooses to live a life of service and justice.

FOX’s Ashley Papa has more in this ‘FOX on Family’:

Natasha Finch’s family tragedy inspired her to become a philanthropist.

A mom of two, she tells me her world is measured by how she looks out for her kids.

Finch wants to help put the minds of inmates to work and teach in troubled communities as a private investigator.

Finch’s family tragedy inspired her to become a philanthropist.

She tells me life is measured by how you look out for your kids and to give back.

And she has big plans for next year. As a private investigator, she tells me she wants to be a mentor. Not only helping women fight for their rights but mentoring the new generation of crime fighters.

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