Laser body fat removal can make you happier and sexier

Written by By Mark Rober, CNN

Most 50-year-olds look back on their lives in the mid- to late-1970s with nostalgic fondness. Though those years were incredibly eventful (particularly for anyone who was born late), they were also a point of reflection and evolution for millions of people around the world.

Everything was changing, but most of us were unprepared. Among other things, my middle-aged body felt downright wrong. In the spirit of self-improvement, a few months before I turned 50, I decided I needed to change. After considering a number of options, I found a doctor who cut a large swath through my belly button with a laser.

I was terrified.

But with the laser, I could experience a drastic increase in my libido. It was clear that my belly button really was adding a sluggishness to my sex drive. Knowing this, I realized that perhaps a laser would serve a similar purpose — a more effective means to the same end.

As my doctor watched the laser take at first a layer of skin from my belly button and then expand it horizontally, he chuckled. I described how it felt like a belt tightening around my belly button, and he said something to the effect of, “Just make sure you don’t feel gross when you go shopping for your blouse.”

Not long after, my belly button was gone. By the time I was 52, I no longer wore a belt or a bra. My breasts were completely well-contained by my midsection, and I’ve never looked back.

Laser body fat removal gives some women more energy, less stress, and happier marriage, according to a recent study. Credit: Bohdan Warchomij/AFP/Getty Images

The effects of laser body fat removal

Dr. Robert Talbott of Laser Center of New York doesn’t treat belly button hair removal patients, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t studied the actual science behind the procedure. In 2018, he published the results of a study that asked nearly 100 male and female hairless men and women ages 21 to 66 to compare their lives before and after laser hair removal. He said, unsurprisingly, that the procedure was incredibly effective.

“When people say, ‘That’s great,’ because there’s all this negativity in the human condition, it’s valid,” Talbott said. “It hasn’t been demonstrated conclusively, but that change is absolutely dramatic. Women report more energy and more sexual desire afterward.”

Many of the study participants told Talbott that their sex drive was significantly improved immediately.

Compared with the number of women who had body hair removed with laser, those who hadn’t had the procedure had no more sexual intercourse, less stressful relationships and decreased stress levels. In fact, on average, women who had the hair removed found that relationship satisfaction improved by nearly 9%. For men, the change was similar.

Over the course of three years, results in the balding participants were slightly different, with women reporting a 5% increase in sexual satisfaction and 1% reduction in stress levels. But overall, Talbott said, the results were consistent: after the procedure, the less hairs you have, the happier you are.

Why is reducing hair so important to middle-aged women and men?

A new kind of laser

The reason for this is that the process of replacing the skin with a hyaluronic acid cover is similar to how you’d trim your hair. A layer of skin is removed, and then a barrier of hyaluronic acid is put in its place. The difference, however, is that the laser temporarily strips the hyaluronic acid from a layer of fat instead of skin.

One of the main drawbacks to regular hair removal is that the process is typically painful. And “as you get older, the procedure becomes more painful and less likely to be completely successful,” said Dr. Andrew Friedman, dermatologist and creator of hairless hair removal treatment, Loví.

As you get older, the procedure becomes more painful and less likely to be completely successful. Credit: Fariborz Mohamed/Getty Images

In 2017, Loví was developed to improve on regular laser hair removal in the sense that it is a clinically proven treatment that women and men can use on their own, at home. Loví is specifically designed to penetrate the hair follicle at the root, but don’t expect the same degree of sensuous pleasure as a laser treatment. It’s an absorbent, implantlike type of treatment.

“You’re trying to look at something that’s not oily or creamy,” said Talbott. “You’re concentrating on that ligament that’s there, that follicle, that part of the follicle that needs to be removed

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