Julianne Moore: ‘I’ve never had a dream of working with Julianne’s dad’

Q: What are the positives about being reunited with director Jane Campion?

Dunst: In the past, because I was dating a lot at the time, we weren’t able to have this relationship. It was really tricky. It’s been great, though. Jane is so cool. She’s more of a writer. She did the script for “Lymelife” and then said, “I’m doing this other thing.” I think everyone was like, “Oh, it’s kind of weird. Can we just wait for the other one to come out before we do this?” Jane’s really rad.

Q: Can you talk about your character? She has dark secrets.

Dunst: I guess I wanted to be, what they all are, an observer. A really good observer. I really love this film because it has one bad guy and one kind of good guy. Good guys are always the good guys. It’s just like, who’s a bad guy and who’s a good guy? And you learn that not everybody is like that. It’s kind of weird. You feel bad for that guy that you think is such a stand-up guy, and then it’s like, “Actually, he’s a jerk!”

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