Judge just ruled that you should not be able to talk on the phone during flights

Should airlines be banned from making phone calls on flights? A federal judge ruled last week that the Department of Transportation should consider such a ban. The decision is sure to reverberate through the company and industry ahead of the upcoming travel season. This should be a clear warning to anyone who still believes the technological convenience of this alternative method of connectivity outweighs the public’s desire for peace and quiet.

An anonymous passenger filed a complaint with the government in 2015 stating that his flight to California was “a train wreck.” The flight ended up being delayed and cell phone calls were banned while the plane was still on the ground. The passenger posted a video explaining why he filed the complaint and explained how “there was a lack of communication from the captain and there was no way for the passengers to provide any feedback.”

The video had more than 11 million views on YouTube.

“I believe that creating a culture that requires passengers to listen to prerecorded voice orifices made in a vacuum is going to cause a significant decline in passenger safety and an increase in passenger anxiety,” the passenger explained in his video.

The judge’s opinion is that the DOT does have the authority to ban cell phone calls on airplanes, due to the Government Permit for Communications in Airplanes (GPCA) which was created to facilitate the Federal Aviation Administration’s mandate of maintaining “safe air travel through universal free, clear, and easy to understand broadcasts.” The judge also found that “Consumers have a right to be free from the distraction of cellphone calls during flights.”

So, if you’re one of the consumers who has a right to be free from any distractions while flying, now is the time to feel free from your smartphone while on a plane.

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