Inside the home of a life sciences millionaire

Stay smart, Ontario.

A home from the 1920s with a science-minded twist, this beautiful home is just about a door from one of the most exclusive schools in the country. On the edge of Lake Ontario, The Boulevard is considered the Greenbelt and is surrounded by the green hills and lakes, due to the good intentions of environmentalists and local authorities who want to see the area preserve its natural beauty.

It is known as the “lake campus” of the University of Toronto, situated just behind the school.

The Boulevard is home to the John O’Byrne Biological and Agricultural College, which provides numerous classes in environmental studies and bioscience, as well as numerous accredited research laboratories. The building houses several biological studies labs, located underneath the six-story garage, along with numerous academic departments and classrooms.

Located right next to the school is the waterfront Walkway of Science.

From this street, visitors can enjoy views of the Lakeshore from five decks, and walk down the Centerpane to walk along the waterfront seawall, with a breath-taking view of the mouth of Lake Ontario.

The five-story house was built in 1923, and you can imagine a plethora of science-y features within the home, including extensive archways which would have led visitors inside the house.

At the top of the stairs, a large, expansive portico and staircase take visitors upstairs, to the second floor.

Despite being over 100 years old, the two-story home had recently undergone a comprehensive renovation. Originally surrounded by a large lawn, this lead to foot traffic in the backyard, and residents had to worry about everything from kids running and playing in the backyard, to dogs running loose in the backyard. The renovation included new landscaping and a new front porch with a sunken gas fireplace to further enliven the rooftop garden.

Both upstairs and downstairs floors are comprised of six bedrooms, as well as bathrooms in the living and dining rooms. The second floor also holds an office, a separate den, and a spacious, large wet bar with several built-in wine storage cabinets.

There is also an outdoor patio with a fireplace, an observation deck that sits above the garage, and several sun terraces.

Since the house was built before construction of the current highway system, the home actually has a wide driveway and road on either side of the front entrance. And since it’s very close to the university, at one time there were state troopers stationed on the property.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 6,900-square-foot home is located in Mississauga, in Oakdale Golf & Country Club, and is priced at $2,876,000.

A Forbes writer says this is a great house for a young couple or couple about to buy or a retiree looking for something even more over the top, getting a home that is in close proximity to the university and walkable to restaurants and shops.

This home is priced at $2,876,000.

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