Here’s an app designed to help reduce, detect and reduce the likelihood of harmful chemicals in products we buy

Story highlights This app is designed to help reduce, detect and reduce the likelihood of harmful chemicals in products we buy

Ontario is already home to several health studies highlighting toxic chemicals that are being found in food, such as mayonnaise

The province of Ontario is ahead of other Canadian provinces when it comes to reducing or banning certain dangerous chemicals from the market. Thanks to reports of harmful chemicals that have leaked from manufacturing facilities, and could get into the food chain, Canada’s north and its cities (including Toronto and Ottawa) are ramping up efforts to end the practice before it becomes a bigger problem.

It’s not just a “good thing,” either. It’s a smart marketing move, as Ontario is home to more than 100 cities, providing a unique market opportunity for companies looking to expand their offerings.

Head over to our friends at ShopSmart and they’ll tell you that other provinces are starting to look at following suit, like Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, which are all looking to fully ban pesticides within their province.

Here in Ontario, and across the country, we’re seeing a lot of innovative ways to reduce the dangers of harmful chemicals in our environment. Look no further than the CURRENT app.

The tool aims to identify toxic chemicals that are being found in everyday products, find the closest store to order them, and tell you if and how long they have been in your cupboard.

Want to know what you’re ingesting from your morning coffee? Or what’s in your diet? Start here and try out the CURRENT app on your smartphone.

“It provides guidance on what you can and can’t buy in store, what isn’t allowed in store, as well as links to sell-by and recall information for all their products,” says Betsy Aoyagi, a product manager at ShopSmart, part of the Consumer Reports Group.

The tool also helps you reach out to the manufacturer, if you’ve seen one of the identified harmful chemicals in your products, and receive a letter telling you if you’re not allowed to purchase them or if you have a recall waiting for you.

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