Dionne Warwick Turns Down Stars Who Take Pictures With Fans

Dionne Warwick never falls for a trap.

In a very honest Facebook post, the legendary singer offered up a scathing critique on what she sees as a lack of integrity from actors who take photos with fans.

Dionne Warwick is having enough of the “star-struck” celebrities who ask to take a photo with her, especially Jake Gyllenhaal.

The singer gave an update on her health after having recently been hospitalized due to illness.

Check out the full post below:

When I first met Jake, two years ago, after his impressive turn in the film #Love, Lies & Videotape, he asked me, in a very suave way, “Could you take a picture of me with the beautiful belt on my belt?” That belt is worth a lot, and I don’t claim to be an “underwear model” and I don’t take private planes all the time. He was asking for my approval of his overly expensive belt, so maybe it wasn’t his worst attempt at “friend etiquette”, but it was still really high. This was two years ago, and I have to say I saw this as a sign that he was playing the “string in the ring” with me – appealing to my vanity and expecting a “yes” or at least a permission slip – and it annoyed me. For him, taking a picture with fans, usually, seems as easy as taking a picture with someone in the call centre at the library. He calls his an “end-around.” He wants the approval of the fans before posing with them. Celebrities, it’s time to take the “star-struck” part out of the game. There’s always a gate keeping you out, there’s always the camera, and even if you wait your turn, there’s always someone else more pressing and more important to chase. NEVER ever ever tell a fan to take a picture. If you take a picture, be nice to them. Then you know we as fans will feel OK taking pictures with you at your next show, or your movie premiere. Honestly, I may not be a “star” – you just have to know what “that” means, and no strings attached.

The Huffington Post reported on Gyllenhaal’s request in September of 2016.

“I want her belt,” the actor reportedly told Warwick at the New York City premiere of Love, Lies & Videotape.

Warwick explained to the actor that she didn’t want to get involved with a situation that would turn ugly.

Gyllenhaal reportedly took the belt and “finished off a large portion of the belt with love,” Warwick posted.

E! News reported in June that Gyllenhaal has reunited with Taylor Swift after having been spotted on two dates with Vanessa Hudgens earlier this year.

Warwick reportedly saw what she wanted to see, and no “suggestion” was acceptable.

“I saw a photo of him with a woman and I got totally pissed off. I had so much respect for him then and have even more respect for him now!” she wrote.

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