Cosby mistrial: Judge says government lied about the possibility of leprosy in jury pool

Prosecutors request that the judge deny the jury a sequestration

Judge: Mistrial could not happen due to potential for infestation of juror with leprosy

A mistrial was declared Saturday in the Rittenhouse federal courthouse after the federal jury deadlocked on charges against Bill Cosby.

It is the sixth deadlock in the case since jury selection began.

“This is not the outcome that you’re going to be holding us responsible,” said Assistant US Attorney Kacey Jordan.

The defense teams had asked for a mistrial due to potential for an infestation of juror with leprosy, which often involves part of a person’s head.

Judge Steven O’Neill agreed to a mistrial but told jurors to enter a partial verdict.

The judge said the jury has not been sequestered because this isn’t a normal case. The judge was concerned that the potential for an infestation could affect the jury, he said.

Last week, O’Neill surprised the courtroom and asked for the jury to be sequestered until they reached a verdict after both the prosecution and defense requested them, and then changed his mind.

“Sometimes I see things I didn’t see before and sometimes I do see things I did see before,” O’Neill said then.

The jury began deliberating Friday morning and after a more than 13-hour session, the jury said it could not reach a unanimous verdict on two counts, conspiracy and aggravated indecent assault.

“Today the government’s case is beginning to unravel,” the defense told the judge. “It is clear that these prosecutors have made a conscious decision to start the case no matter what, and it’s getting away from them.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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