Canada’s mayor proposes meeting ‘concerned parent’ as safety campaigner on Craigslist

People across the country were shocked when a Canadian mayor told a woman on Craigslist that he had witnessed her suffering side effects from her “COVID-19” vaccine and asked if he could meet her “as a concerned parent,” the Atlantic reports.

Jeff Simpson, Mayor of Innisfil, wrote on Craigslist that he could offer his help, and implied the possible abuse he witnessed: “Did you get the COVID-19? If so please let me know. I witnessed you going into a decline, change in hormones, moods, hot flashes, flushes, it sounds a little like chemo but since I didn’t see any actual vaccines administered I figured I could help.”

Katrina Reid, a mother of two, responded to the mayor’s offer with a letter, explaining that she was privately opposed to vaccines, but that she needed to help her daughters avoid catching the disease, which has caused outbreaks in her home region of Western Canada.

In response, Simpson asked Reid to call him personally.

After taking Reid’s number, Simpson texted Reid to ask if she’d meet him. She did, and the two engaged in a lengthy discussion about the danger of vaccines and autism.

In a Facebook post after the meeting, Simpson said that he didn’t find out until the end that Reid did not have two daughters with autism. He also said he thought that she “might have had a medical condition that manifested itself in the latter stages of her cycle, but it would have been very far off from what the vaccine was prescribed to control.”

The Canadian government no longer recommends the vaccine in some situations.

Caroline Montgomery, a Victoria mother who had also been seeing the mayor, wrote about the group text on Facebook and threatened to “call the cops,” following Simpson’s “careless and ignorant” statements about autism and cancer.

Simpson took to Facebook to defend himself, blaming mother’s denial of doctors’ recommendations for the vaccine side effects he claimed to see and reporting that Reid was seeking to schedule an appointment with her pediatrician for the day after the mayor’s meeting.

Reid and Montgomery have joined together in a Facebook group called “Parents Against Jeff Simpson’s Insane Attempt to Influence”. Their posts describe Simpson’s comments as “alarmingly invasive” and have drawn responses from other parents whose children were diagnosed with autism.

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