An example of a business lunch turned into a business partnership

Image copyright Adele Image caption Adele and Rich Paul before their engagement in May

A story of business partnership and friendship that has evolved over the course of their relationship.

Us media can announce the engagement of Adele and Rich Paul following a beautiful proposal and a beautiful day.

It’s a business lunch that began way back in 2009.

Adele, who was living in New York, was looking for that occasional special business partner. Not what you think.

Enter Rich Paul, the owner of G2 insurance agency in Greenwich Village.

“My main thing was that a business partner had to be smart and business savvy”, said Adele, “I knew that Rich is.”

Adele did some research and found out that Rich’s family owned an insurance company in Montclair New Jersey. Rich Paul was naturally intrigued.

“He came to my office and then I went to his office”, explained Adele, “It was early in the morning when we met and we just clicked. We were both in our early 30s, very passionate about music, our culture was very similar and it was love at first sight”.

The two spent a year and a half working together in New York ,before taking a leap of faith and starting G2 Insurance Agency in Greenwich Village , in 2010.

Image copyright Adele Image caption G2 Insurance Agency are now fully fledged agency, and have their own building in New York’s Greenwich Village

G2 Insurance Agency is a full insurance agency working directly with clients, bands, and artists on all levels. They have built a reputation for applying some of the same best practices used by the biggest firms in the insurance industry, all while providing an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Their portfolio includes record labels and concert organizers as well as independent bands and artists.

Now more than half a decade into their partnership, Adele & Rich look forward to the next exciting chapter in their lives.

The business that was born out of a business lunch has expanded into an independent agency with their own office space in Greenwich Village.

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