Airbus to unveil folding-bed medium-capacity aircraft at Paris Air Show

Coinciding with the opening of the Paris Air Show, Airbus will on Monday unveil a folding-bed, vertical-takeoff small airplane dubbed the medium-capacity A109. It is meant to replace one of the company’s most popular models, the A318. Inside, passengers are set to feel like they are in an aircraft designed by aircraft interiors designers Ralph Lauren, the airline that will operate the plane, and the weight and travel load requirements of the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

The cargo-carrying aircraft will be the “sport variant” of the A109, designed to take off, land and land vertically. Airbus says it will be able to do this using the thrust of two props or from the turbojet engine.

As proposed, it would burn 35.2 percent less fuel than an A318, according to the company. The lightweight new aircraft will be able to carry 52 passengers (32 more than the current A318) and carry 8,000 kilograms (15,000 pounds) of cargo.

Although it will look like a business jet on the outside, the A109 will have features in place of other aircraft. Pilots will be able to push a button to eject the business-class section if the pilot receives a call from a pilot training center. The cockpit will have a separate seating area for the flight attendant and a quality control area that will help verify that passenger food is edible.

The A109 will need a permit from the FAA because it will be operated by a commercial airline. Airbus estimates that the new aircraft will be legally operating in the United States in the early 2020s.

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