A community’s enthusiasm for nothing for two years at a new construction site

The jobs are finished, and, to some people, the letters on the construction site are all the proof you need.

I stood on the sidewalk across from one building that stood unfinished more than two years in the making, waiting to do some writing about how construction signs should be rewritten for the post-newsday age.

Inside the year-old workspace were all the pieces of the new building. The stairs down to the street were still loaded. The very modern, all-plastic construction sign outside the door told us where to go.

The construction workers themselves were ordinary people in bright blue construction shirts. The two public works inspectors on the site said they liked their days and worked hard for what they got.

We are here to unpack the office, the mailroom, the lounge, a few conference rooms and all the rest. Just two basic copies of what we’ve always taken with us to work, the two pieces of cardboard. We didn’t get any paper back here, we just got our paper. We still have food and water. And we’re free now.

Photo by Matt Clark

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