A careful breakdown of how Facebook handles speech on its platform

In recent months, Facebook has come under fire for revelations that Russian trolls meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and for being slow to detect and deal with content on its platform that could be classified as hate speech or pedophilia.

Documents obtained by Vice News and published Thursday show a detailed breakdown of what localized reviews Facebook does of its users’ posts to determine whether the posts violate its policies and how many people are censored in each region. (Some of the various reviews may contradict each other or potentially conflict with local laws.)

Below is a comparison of responses to various kinds of content in each city:

Here is a look at regional numbers for Facebook’s standard age limits in each age category:

When it comes to banned content, gender, sexual orientation, political party, and age, “all of those categories they’re going to be looking at most closely for years to come,” Shane Morris, the co-founder of Social Media Risk Consultants, which consults with Facebook, told Vice News. “There’s still a lot more being built up here that’s being concealed.”

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