2018 Kia Carnival RWD Coupe Compared to Honda Odyssey

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When you look at two of the most popular in-cabin cabins today — the Honda Odyssey and the Kia Carnival — you can see the single common thread: Both boast wide rear seats for trips in a car shared with multiple kids.

The new Kia has the advantage when it comes to a much larger cargo capacity than the Honda. At 628 cubic feet, you can haul a much bigger package in the Omni-Transit. The Honda is only half that volume, so it won’t be practical for that.

But like most high-density front-seat vehicles, the Honda’s usefulness comes at a cost: the front-seat legroom. The Odyssey seats up to seven. The Carnival will seat six with two or four in the rear seats.

In-Cabin Performance

To get the fuel economy of a smaller sedan, a premium manufacturer will supply turbocharged engines and additional aggressive body revisions. There are trim lines. Of course, you can keep it a slightly more conservative budget, like the Honda Accord, with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It earns good fuel economy, but the Civic Design Edition doesn’t offer much more in an upscale price-to-features ratio.

The Kia uses a conventional V6, like the Entrix, and the parent company is Hyundai. It’s a four-cylinder engine with a tweaked V6 management system. The transmission is a three-speed automatic. Like other Hyundai vehicles, the RWD model is a conservative interior, but it’s fitted with pretty good safety and passenger amenities. And it seems to charge a reasonable price, if you bring all of the pertinent creature comforts you could find in a rival compact.

The Odyssey, on the other hand, has very strong seating room for its size. It’s a roomy station wagon, not a big sedan. However, the midsize SUV segment has helped enlarge the size gap between the Odyssey and every other entry model. And the Odyssey doesn’t have the versatility of the Kia, either.

To continue, below is the ratings map for the 2018 and 2019 model years of large utility vehicles:

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